Feb 20

Whole new outlook!

Well it has been over 2 years since I have posted here last.  A lot of things have happened and first let me say we have moved from California now out to Tennessee.  I work for a new company and still am programming and building things.  We bought a house and I have been working on losing some weight so I might be able to stay with  my family a bit longer.  I will be updating my site here to be more clean and fresh.  I will be updating my other sites: http://eve-tools.net and http://www.whistle-britches.com to reflect a new look and what is going on.

I am starting to see that the way things had been going I never followed through with it but that is a thing of the past.  I am working on getting my side business running again (That is Whistle-Britches Technologies) and Finally Open source my Eve-Online Tools.  Please check back as I will also be posting about projects I am working on around the house and things I am building.  Sorry it has been so long but I will be sure to post something once a week or sooner based on what I am doing.

Before I go though you can see me stream games, programming, or hobbies on my twitch account http://twitch.tv/devilen84

Jan 22

Welcome 2014

Well last post I made was about my daughter being born in October and here it is now almost the end of January and still no new posts.  I would first like to say sorry but as most people know having a new baby makes for many tired nights and busy days.  Also with a new job it makes things that much harder!  I wanted to come here and give an update on a few things that I have going on.

First I would like to say my new job is Awesome I love working for this company and I have learned so much in the short time I have been here.  Who knew that 7 months could feel only like 7 days?  Sense starting here I have actually gotten better at programming and came to understand that if I am creating something for others to consume and use I need to make sure that it’s created with standards and not half done.

With that said I have been working on a previous application that I have called Destruct-Ore it is a Eve-Online web based tool that I am hoping to have released with the new interface and feel in the next 3 – 6 weeks, but I am going to need help with it.  I am looking for people who want to join me on this and are willing to take instruction and direction on this project to help complete it and make it something great that everyone could use.

Next thing is I found a really cool new game called Starbound and my friends, brother, and I are going to do some Lets plays on this.  We are going to do this in a form of role playing where one is the captain and we all share one ship and are trying to survive in this universe.  I know it is been done before but hey its a cool idea and sounds fun what possibly could go wrong you know?

Last but not least I have a starbound site that is dedicated to helping you find stuff on the maps and mapping out locations to were things are in the game but because it is based off a Seed model it wont always be 100% accurate but we have the ability to add what the Seed it was found in and more features will be added to that site in time.  The site is located at http://starbound.scireportals.net