Aug 26

Current Projects

Well I would like to let you all know what I am working on so think think that I just feel off the planet. Currently I am working on a few projects that I have decided to do on my own. The List is EverQuest 2 DM Toolbox, Destruct-Ore, Eve-Online API how-to, and various other projects. First up lets go with EveQuest 2 DM Toolbox.

– Everquest 2 DM Toolbox –
This is a all out search engine for EverQuest 2 based off the API. Also it will allow you to track progress by a character because it will save the previous gear/stats and everything else it grabs and let you see the differences between each check you do of that character. Also it will allow you to look up Items, guilds and anything else the API allows for.

– Destruct-Ore –
This is a replacement for MiningBuddy and when completed will be the end all be all for mining and other missions within a Corp or Alliance. This also in time will help to prevent theft and who has what along with help increase work and productivity.

– Eve-Online API How-To –
This is to help people learn how to use the Eve-API with the use of Pheal or just using Curl and XML. This is a on going how-to site.

– Arduino –
I am working on some new Arduino projects and will be showing them off soon.

Sites for the projects will be coming soon to the side bar of this site.

May 08

Updates and Cloudflare

Well as the title says I have been playing around with the site a bit and it has some updates done to it and the most important one of all is the fact that it has been enabled to use CloudFlare to help the site serve what is needed quicker and more effective.

I am looking to get more information up here soon as possible a contact me page and a donation page to help cover the costs of the site and projects I will be starting and writing up how to’s on.  If you help donate to them you will be given the ability to have a shot at owning the final product when it is completed.  More about this in the next few months as it is something I am working on.

I am also going to be adding Small Adverts around the site to help cover the costs of development of the site and managing it.  So don’t feel the need to have to click on them but if there is something you want then feel free to click on it.

Also more Programming Code to be posted here and uploaded.  I will be writing how to on how to use XML to grab API data information from the Eve API along with how to use the Pheal and PhealNG library’s if your not sure.  Along with more Arduino and some Python code as I learn it my self.  I will also upload my Objective-C Code from my iPhone and iPad Programming.

I hope that everyone is doing well and post soon!

Feb 26

New Code on GitHub

Well as you can see from the side panel I have my GitHub Repository attached to my site here. Anyone can check out all the code that I place for anything I do there on that site and use it as they wish but must ad-hear to all the rules of the copyright and Terms depending on what they are using. Right now all I have on it is some code for the computers within MineCraft expansion Computer Craft, a older PHP Project I took over after it’s creator and developer left it and the game it was designed for. The Last Repository that is on the site is my old Demo work and things I did to learn how to program Objective-C. I will have more code to put up at a later date when I look through all my old code I have for Visual Basic and other applications. I will be placing another one up shortly today for My Arduino Programming.

If you have any questions or would like help with something please just contact me.

Jan 25

New Year New Projects

Well it is now 2013 and I have finally have free time to talk about the projects that I want to work on. First things First I finally got my Digisparks. What is a Digispark you might ask? Well a Digispark is a small Arm controlled processor that runs Arduino code. They will be used in future projects of mine and I look forward to being able to build something with them and my Arduino Uno. The next thing is that I finally have got my first application that I will be releasing, Destruct-Ore, this is a Content Management System for an online game called Eve-Online. This will help corporations manage their members and alliances manage the corp members and the corps members.

I am also working on a iPad application game that will be a small tower defense game. I hope to have a few more examples and demo programs to post up here in the future. One task I am working on is a MineCraft Program project once that is off the ground I will place on here what I have and what it does with a link to the GitHub location. Well with that its the end of my first posting of 2013 see you all very soon.

Oct 21

Testing and Arduino Code

Well tonight I had some time as I was watching the Giants and St. Louis game on tv and thought I would work on my Arduino project.  The project that me and my wife have come up with is actually right around the corner its to do with Halloween its going to make the eyes on the pumpkins, skeletons, spiders, and bats light up and glow.  The code I have come up with right now is not the code but its also something I am working on for my son he is 2 and likes playing with his cars so I am making him a stop light.  This also works for my train set to be the lights on the crossing signs or other places.

This also will work for use with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years because it is just messing with lights.  Now you can run the LED’s in Parallel but you will need to make sure you have the right voltage and resistor on the device.  Now lets get to the code!

 3 Way Blink
 This will blink 3 different lights on and off in a row and keep rotating.
 This Example code is Copyright Eric Vasquez 2012 can be used freely long as credit is
 Here we are going to select the 3 Digital Pins that we will have the LED's on they
 are 0, 9, 10 if we need to add more we will add another ledxx where the xx's are
 it will be the number of the digital pin.
int led0 = 0;
int led9 = 9;
int led10 = 10;
void setup() {
 Here we are going to initialize the digital Pins that we are going to use as output
 pinMode(led0, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(led9, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(led10, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
 Here we will have it cycle 3 times to turn on each of the LED's on their own and turn the
 other two off when it is not their turn. We can use this to loop around and randomly select
 what LED we want to turn on or off and change the order around. Also we are using a 500ms 
 delay we can change it the higher we go the more time it will take 500ms is about 1 1/2 seconds.
 If it goes to low then it will be as if it was always on.
 digitalWrite(led0, HIGH);
 digitalWrite(led9, LOW);
 digitalWrite(led10, LOW);
 digitalWrite(led0, LOW);
 digitalWrite(led9, HIGH);
 digitalWrite(led10, LOW);
 digitalWrite(led0, LOW);
 digitalWrite(led9, LOW);
 digitalWrite(led10, HIGH);

Sure that is simple code but for my first real test and application for the Arduino its not bad.  I plan on getting more code up I am going to make the eyes Fade in and out, but I am trying to decide should I make them work off a motion sensor so they fade in and out slowly but the closer you get the faster they go till they are on the whole time?  Let me know what you think about this.

More to come! Stay Tuned!

Oct 19

New Toy Pt. 2 and Other Toys

Well here is the 2nd posting that has the rest of what I showed in Part 1.  I have finally fixed the Prototype Shield and will be showing that along with how it fits on top of the Arduino.  Also I will be showing the other tools that I got in order to fix this and make this Shield.  And then in a later one I will be posting the video and such for the blinking LED.

Here is the picture of the completed Protoshield is done with all the soldering and working.


This is what it looks like completed with all the Soldering done.

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Oct 17

New Toy Pt. 1

Well it has been a while sense I posted the main reason I have been away is I got a new toy, the new toy is an Arduino.  What is an Arduino you might ask?  Well a Arduino is a small micro-controller that can be used to control things from little lights to robots.

New Toy

Everything that comes with the Arduino R3 Kit.

As you can see there was a lot of stuff that came with it I will do my best to remember the names of everything.  Starting from the top Left it is listed below.

  1. Arduino Uno R3
  2. Rubber Feet
  3. Battery Power Pack
  4. Prototype Shield
  5. Breadboard
  6. Resistors
  7. Female and Male Pin-outs
  8. LED Green and Red
  9. AC Adapter
  10. Bundle of 20 Gage Jumper Wires
  11. Bag of LED’s, Resistors, Buttons, Potentiometer
  12. USB Cable

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