Jul 30

Lack of posts

Well I am here to explain why I have had a lack of postings for the past well almost 2 months now! I have got a new job and the job is going well and I am enjoying it but it is taking most my time right now. Along with that have had some personal health problems with my wife during her 2nd pregnancy. I will start posting more and more here again now that things are starting to calm down and relax and getting into the swing of how things are going. I will be posting more code up here soon and more linux stuff as my new job has me working more with linux than windows which is always been a dream of mine.

I hope that you will come back and check from time to time and let me know what you think about what I have posted here please. Have a great day and hope to post here again soon, I am going to go for a 2 posts a week. Saturday and Tuesday is what I will be shooting for.

May 08

Updates and Cloudflare

Well as the title says I have been playing around with the site a bit and it has some updates done to it and the most important one of all is the fact that it has been enabled to use CloudFlare to help the site serve what is needed quicker and more effective.

I am looking to get more information up here soon as possible a contact me page and a donation page to help cover the costs of the site and projects I will be starting and writing up how to’s on.  If you help donate to them you will be given the ability to have a shot at owning the final product when it is completed.  More about this in the next few months as it is something I am working on.

I am also going to be adding Small Adverts around the site to help cover the costs of development of the site and managing it.  So don’t feel the need to have to click on them but if there is something you want then feel free to click on it.

Also more Programming Code to be posted here and uploaded.  I will be writing how to on how to use XML to grab API data information from the Eve API along with how to use the Pheal and PhealNG library’s if your not sure.  Along with more Arduino and some Python code as I learn it my self.  I will also upload my Objective-C Code from my iPhone and iPad Programming.

I hope that everyone is doing well and post soon!

Mar 27

New News!

Well the news is already out there but Come October 30th 2013, or around that time, me and my wife will be welcoming into the world another child. We are not sure if it is a boy or girl yet but we hope that they will be healthy!

Game Talk
With that said I would also like to note I have not been able to play MineCraft as of late due to playing StarCraft II and Eve-Online so much. I have also been working on projects from people in game with some coding thats been needed to be done. They are hiring me to make applications for them that work within Eve-Online, If you are looking for something too feel free to drop me a line.

I should have more code here soon that will work on the turtles. If you have any idea’s for Turtle code please drop me a line and do not forget to check out my website on github the link in on the side.

I hope to get another post on here before the end of the Month till then Goodbye!

Mar 01

New Turtle Code for MineCraft

Well the past few nights I have been playing MineCraft and I have been playing around with my turtle on it his name is Leo. I was using the Tunneling program that is built into the turtles and have found out that it very minimal it will only make a 2 tall by 3 wide box. So I decided to make one that allows you to make custom tunneling program. This is the code I have so far, it is all done in Lua. I know that there is not much to it except the fact it asks you 4 questions. The questions are How Deep would you like to dig? How Tall would you like to Dig? How far to the Left do you want to Dig? And How far to the right do you want to dig? They will create the statements that will say how big of a opening you want and how deep of a tunnel you want it to be.

The code will be developed over the next few months to be a truly custom Tunneling program please check back often to see how it grows.

  Custom Tunneling Program v0.1
  Created: 2/28/2013 20:00 PST
  Created By: Proopai (Eric Vasquez)
  Description: This program is to use the Turtles to make wider Tunnels then 2x3.  
                 It will allow you to state how tall you want the tunnel to go 
                 and how wide you would like it to go along with placing a Torch.
  3/1/2013 00:01 PST
  This will be expanded little by little till it is completed.  It will be able 
    to make a tunnel that goes in one direction for a set time limit.  Refueling 
    is planed to be put in but is yet to be entered into the application. Right 
    now all this does is have the menu setup working on getting the rest of the 
    functions setup.
function load()
  print("Tunneling version v0.1")
  print("How Deep of a Tunnel Do you want?")
  deep = read()
  print("How Tall of a Tunnel do you want?")
  tall = read()
  print("How far out on the left do you want?")
  left = read()
  print("How far out on the right do you want?")
  right = read()
function leave()
function startTunnel()
  a = deep
  b = tall
  c = left
  d = right
print("I will dig "..deep.." blocks in")
print("I will dig "..tall.." blocks high")
print("I will dig "..left.." blocks to the left")
print("I will dig "..right.." blocks to the right")
Feb 26

Wooden Chair Project

Well it is almost the end of February and I haven’t posted any new projects that I have been working on. Last year I set out on a new project for myself, to learn a new hobby and the new hobby I decided to start to learn is wood working. This is been pretty fun so far I have refinished and redone a butcher block table and now working on 3 chairs. I have not yet attempted to build anything as I am still learning the ends and outs of wood working. But here are some pictures of my the 3 chairs that I have stripped of all the varnish and paint along with the removal of the pads that where rotting due to water damage.

This chair is one of 3 chairs that a friend of mine gave to us when they moved. The chairs seat had lots of water in it and was starting to rot and mold. We removed the seat and let the wood under the seat dry for 24 hours. This is what it looked like after the seat had 24 hours to dry.

This is the wooden chair minus the seat.

This is the wooden chair minus the seat.

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Feb 26

New Code on GitHub

Well as you can see from the side panel I have my GitHub Repository attached to my site here. Anyone can check out all the code that I place for anything I do there on that site and use it as they wish but must ad-hear to all the rules of the copyright and Terms depending on what they are using. Right now all I have on it is some code for the computers within MineCraft expansion Computer Craft, a older PHP Project I took over after it’s creator and developer left it and the game it was designed for. The Last Repository that is on the site is my old Demo work and things I did to learn how to program Objective-C. I will have more code to put up at a later date when I look through all my old code I have for Visual Basic and other applications. I will be placing another one up shortly today for My Arduino Programming.

If you have any questions or would like help with something please just contact me.

Jan 25

New Year New Projects

Well it is now 2013 and I have finally have free time to talk about the projects that I want to work on. First things First I finally got my Digisparks. What is a Digispark you might ask? Well a Digispark is a small Arm controlled processor that runs Arduino code. They will be used in future projects of mine and I look forward to being able to build something with them and my Arduino Uno. The next thing is that I finally have got my first application that I will be releasing, Destruct-Ore, this is a Content Management System for an online game called Eve-Online. This will help corporations manage their members and alliances manage the corp members and the corps members.

I am also working on a iPad application game that will be a small tower defense game. I hope to have a few more examples and demo programs to post up here in the future. One task I am working on is a MineCraft Program project once that is off the ground I will place on here what I have and what it does with a link to the GitHub location. Well with that its the end of my first posting of 2013 see you all very soon.

Dec 17


Well I have been away for some time from this site a few weeks due to work and other things. I have started playing Eve-Online again and remembering the fun I had and so far in the past 3 weeks of going back to the game I have lost my first ship in 3.94 years which is not bad if you ask me. I am also working on my application for it called Destruct-ORE this application is a Replacement for Mining buddy and in the future a few other tools people use. I hope to make a full on EXE and Java client along with a iOS app to work together as one. Right now I am focusing on the PHP site. It will be available both in side and out of the game. My game name is Devilen so if you see me say hi!

I will review Eve-Online sometime in the near future but right now I am focusing on getting things done and just getting life in order. Till next update.

Nov 01

Halloween Project Pt. 4 & November!

Wow it is already November 1st the year is almost gone and this site is had more updates to it this 4th Quarter of the year than the past few years combined.  I have decided in the next few months I am going to go ahead and create Little kits that you can buy or just buy the plans for and pick up at Radioshack (the parts) for what I do here.  I believe that this would be a good thing as sometimes you can not always get places and it is easier to buy online.  It will not only come with the parts but it will also come with the wire, I am still trying to decide if I am going to include Solder but I do not think so as it is made with lead and some states its not allowed.

Some kits will be just the basic electronics while others will be full on kits with everything needed to create it from the ground up.  This is still a thought and a Idea I am going to play with and see how it goes.  The halloween project worked but I was unable to complete the head setup as it really didn’t come out well.  The next projects that I am going to be working on is one for my 2 year old son, it will be a chalkboard & Drawing Easel made from some 2×4’s and plywood.  The second project of mine is going to be a small Tardis Lantern for my wife who is a MAJOR Doctor Who Fan.  So please keep checking back as I will be posting more projects up here and plan on getting the project Page of mine completed that will list everything that has been done and created on it.

Oct 29

Halloween Project Pt. 3.1

Well me I have had a busy weekend and have not had time to upload the final project picture due to the fact it has not been placed into the mask yet.  The reason for this is because I have to remake the little circuit because I fried the 555 Timer on it.  In the result I have made it smaller and better off than it was before but that went to my nephew and his costume.  For people wondering my wife made the box head I am going to be waring and her site is http://www.uniquedesignsbymonica.com/ on that site you will find many items that she makes by hand and they are for sale.  She will also show you how to make the items that she shows on the site.

Our next project we are going to be working on will be making a small scale Tardis replica from the show Doctor Who and maybe after that a sonic Screwdriver.  So please make sure to come back for the Part 4 of the Halloween Project which will be the final part of the project then look for the Tardis Project we will be working on together.  Till my next update have a happy Halloween and Safe Tricker Treating!