Feb 20

Whole new outlook!

Well it has been over 2 years since I have posted here last.  A lot of things have happened and first let me say we have moved from California now out to Tennessee.  I work for a new company and still am programming and building things.  We bought a house and I have been working on losing some weight so I might be able to stay with  my family a bit longer.  I will be updating my site here to be more clean and fresh.  I will be updating my other sites: http://eve-tools.net and http://www.whistle-britches.com to reflect a new look and what is going on.

I am starting to see that the way things had been going I never followed through with it but that is a thing of the past.  I am working on getting my side business running again (That is Whistle-Britches Technologies) and Finally Open source my Eve-Online Tools.  Please check back as I will also be posting about projects I am working on around the house and things I am building.  Sorry it has been so long but I will be sure to post something once a week or sooner based on what I am doing.

Before I go though you can see me stream games, programming, or hobbies on my twitch account http://twitch.tv/devilen84

Feb 19

New Year and Lack of posts

Well it is 2015 already and I still have not had time to post things on here like I wanted too. I have made sure that I keep things going around my house and I will be posting about my new router for my house I am building to replace our old D-Link Media router that just is unable to keep up with so much traffic that is going through it these days.

I will be sure to post up everything that is going on with this project and moving forward any other big projects I have and some small things. Right now I have changed jobs and am trying to get use to the new schedule but I think I will have more time to update and give more updates and projects on here so thank you for coming to my website and I hope to see more people and news updates on here.

Aug 26

Current Projects

Well I would like to let you all know what I am working on so think think that I just feel off the planet. Currently I am working on a few projects that I have decided to do on my own. The List is EverQuest 2 DM Toolbox, Destruct-Ore, Eve-Online API how-to, and various other projects. First up lets go with EveQuest 2 DM Toolbox.

– Everquest 2 DM Toolbox –
This is a all out search engine for EverQuest 2 based off the API. Also it will allow you to track progress by a character because it will save the previous gear/stats and everything else it grabs and let you see the differences between each check you do of that character. Also it will allow you to look up Items, guilds and anything else the API allows for.

– Destruct-Ore –
This is a replacement for MiningBuddy and when completed will be the end all be all for mining and other missions within a Corp or Alliance. This also in time will help to prevent theft and who has what along with help increase work and productivity.

– Eve-Online API How-To –
This is to help people learn how to use the Eve-API with the use of Pheal or just using Curl and XML. This is a on going how-to site.

– Arduino –
I am working on some new Arduino projects and will be showing them off soon.

Sites for the projects will be coming soon to the side bar of this site.

Jul 30

Lack of posts

Well I am here to explain why I have had a lack of postings for the past well almost 2 months now! I have got a new job and the job is going well and I am enjoying it but it is taking most my time right now. Along with that have had some personal health problems with my wife during her 2nd pregnancy. I will start posting more and more here again now that things are starting to calm down and relax and getting into the swing of how things are going. I will be posting more code up here soon and more linux stuff as my new job has me working more with linux than windows which is always been a dream of mine.

I hope that you will come back and check from time to time and let me know what you think about what I have posted here please. Have a great day and hope to post here again soon, I am going to go for a 2 posts a week. Saturday and Tuesday is what I will be shooting for.

May 08

Updates and Cloudflare

Well as the title says I have been playing around with the site a bit and it has some updates done to it and the most important one of all is the fact that it has been enabled to use CloudFlare to help the site serve what is needed quicker and more effective.

I am looking to get more information up here soon as possible a contact me page and a donation page to help cover the costs of the site and projects I will be starting and writing up how to’s on.  If you help donate to them you will be given the ability to have a shot at owning the final product when it is completed.  More about this in the next few months as it is something I am working on.

I am also going to be adding Small Adverts around the site to help cover the costs of development of the site and managing it.  So don’t feel the need to have to click on them but if there is something you want then feel free to click on it.

Also more Programming Code to be posted here and uploaded.  I will be writing how to on how to use XML to grab API data information from the Eve API along with how to use the Pheal and PhealNG library’s if your not sure.  Along with more Arduino and some Python code as I learn it my self.  I will also upload my Objective-C Code from my iPhone and iPad Programming.

I hope that everyone is doing well and post soon!

Nov 01

Halloween Project Pt. 4 & November!

Wow it is already November 1st the year is almost gone and this site is had more updates to it this 4th Quarter of the year than the past few years combined.  I have decided in the next few months I am going to go ahead and create Little kits that you can buy or just buy the plans for and pick up at Radioshack (the parts) for what I do here.  I believe that this would be a good thing as sometimes you can not always get places and it is easier to buy online.  It will not only come with the parts but it will also come with the wire, I am still trying to decide if I am going to include Solder but I do not think so as it is made with lead and some states its not allowed.

Some kits will be just the basic electronics while others will be full on kits with everything needed to create it from the ground up.  This is still a thought and a Idea I am going to play with and see how it goes.  The halloween project worked but I was unable to complete the head setup as it really didn’t come out well.  The next projects that I am going to be working on is one for my 2 year old son, it will be a chalkboard & Drawing Easel made from some 2×4’s and plywood.  The second project of mine is going to be a small Tardis Lantern for my wife who is a MAJOR Doctor Who Fan.  So please keep checking back as I will be posting more projects up here and plan on getting the project Page of mine completed that will list everything that has been done and created on it.

Sep 11

New Site Live!

Well I finally pushed the new site live today.  This site will go over some changes in the next few weeks to get a better feel and look that I want it to be and in time create my own theme.  The site will be my own thoughts and projects and other things I wish to share with the world as well as stuff I might create or want to sell.  Please post comments on anything as I start to post information up and get things going.  I am going to be having a section dedicated to how my site use to look and the different sites I have created in the past and moving forward.  I hope that everyone who visits the site will be able to get some use out of it and something from it.

Aug 16

New site with a new look!

Well this is new for me I have finally had time to get this site up and running decent and working on getting everything completed and running.  The new format for the site is going to be more of a personal blog with updates from my life and what is going on with a goal to update with a post once a week with what has gone on and going on and different projects I have.

Till there later!