Nov 28

Almost December

Well it is almost December now and that means the holiday season is in full swing. I hope that everyone in the USA had a good Thanksgiving holiday last week. I hope also that everyone will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The next project I am going to be working on is actually already taking place its for my wife she is going to be selling some of her crafts and items shes made at a Holiday Boutique near our house this weekend. My job is to be building what she is going to be displaying all her stuff on. I will get pictures of what it looks like before, of what is still left to be completed, and the after. After that the next project that I am going to tackle is documenting the development of my iPad game that I have been working on and the Eve-Online Web application that is almost to the point of delivery.

Nov 01

Halloween Project Pt. 4 & November!

Wow it is already November 1st the year is almost gone and this site is had more updates to it this 4th Quarter of the year than the past few years combined.  I have decided in the next few months I am going to go ahead and create Little kits that you can buy or just buy the plans for and pick up at Radioshack (the parts) for what I do here.  I believe that this would be a good thing as sometimes you can not always get places and it is easier to buy online.  It will not only come with the parts but it will also come with the wire, I am still trying to decide if I am going to include Solder but I do not think so as it is made with lead and some states its not allowed.

Some kits will be just the basic electronics while others will be full on kits with everything needed to create it from the ground up.  This is still a thought and a Idea I am going to play with and see how it goes.  The halloween project worked but I was unable to complete the head setup as it really didn’t come out well.  The next projects that I am going to be working on is one for my 2 year old son, it will be a chalkboard & Drawing Easel made from some 2×4’s and plywood.  The second project of mine is going to be a small Tardis Lantern for my wife who is a MAJOR Doctor Who Fan.  So please keep checking back as I will be posting more projects up here and plan on getting the project Page of mine completed that will list everything that has been done and created on it.