Dec 17


Well I have been away for some time from this site a few weeks due to work and other things. I have started playing Eve-Online again and remembering the fun I had and so far in the past 3 weeks of going back to the game I have lost my first ship in 3.94 years which is not bad if you ask me. I am also working on my application for it called Destruct-ORE this application is a Replacement for Mining buddy and in the future a few other tools people use. I hope to make a full on EXE and Java client along with a iOS app to work together as one. Right now I am focusing on the PHP site. It will be available both in side and out of the game. My game name is Devilen so if you see me say hi!

I will review Eve-Online sometime in the near future but right now I am focusing on getting things done and just getting life in order. Till next update.