Jan 25

New Year New Projects

Well it is now 2013 and I have finally have free time to talk about the projects that I want to work on. First things First I finally got my Digisparks. What is a Digispark you might ask? Well a Digispark is a small Arm controlled processor that runs Arduino code. They will be used in future projects of mine and I look forward to being able to build something with them and my Arduino Uno. The next thing is that I finally have got my first application that I will be releasing, Destruct-Ore, this is a Content Management System for an online game called Eve-Online. This will help corporations manage their members and alliances manage the corp members and the corps members.

I am also working on a iPad application game that will be a small tower defense game. I hope to have a few more examples and demo programs to post up here in the future. One task I am working on is a MineCraft Program project once that is off the ground I will place on here what I have and what it does with a link to the GitHub location. Well with that its the end of my first posting of 2013 see you all very soon.