Aug 26

Current Projects

Well I would like to let you all know what I am working on so think think that I just feel off the planet. Currently I am working on a few projects that I have decided to do on my own. The List is EverQuest 2 DM Toolbox, Destruct-Ore, Eve-Online API how-to, and various other projects. First up lets go with EveQuest 2 DM Toolbox.

– Everquest 2 DM Toolbox –
This is a all out search engine for EverQuest 2 based off the API. Also it will allow you to track progress by a character because it will save the previous gear/stats and everything else it grabs and let you see the differences between each check you do of that character. Also it will allow you to look up Items, guilds and anything else the API allows for.

– Destruct-Ore –
This is a replacement for MiningBuddy and when completed will be the end all be all for mining and other missions within a Corp or Alliance. This also in time will help to prevent theft and who has what along with help increase work and productivity.

– Eve-Online API How-To –
This is to help people learn how to use the Eve-API with the use of Pheal or just using Curl and XML. This is a on going how-to site.

– Arduino –
I am working on some new Arduino projects and will be showing them off soon.

Sites for the projects will be coming soon to the side bar of this site.