Office Move

Well over the past few months the company that I work for has been preparing to move from our old office in Downtown Oakland to our new office in Jack London Square.  Well this past weekend we finally moved and after four long days we have completed the move and are in the new office.  This is part of the reason why I have not posted anything about the table project or anything else.  I have been working on a few projects and below I am going to list them with some updates on them.

This project is a complete content management system for a video game called Eve-Online.  Even though I was working many hours in Oakland I still had time to update a few bits of the system to get more security into it.  I have plans to release the code for use by others by the end of the year if everything goes well if not by Q1 2013.  This is been a long time in the works and is getting to the point it is ready to stand on its own.

Table Refurbishment
The table refurbishment project is progressing I am working on what colors I am going to use how I am going to stain it and if we will be selling it or not.  We will be selling it not sure the total cost but it will help cover the cost of the paint, labor to fix it up, and the cost of the table.  Pictures will be posted soon as it is done if you are interested feel free to click contact me and fill out the form.

If you are looking for a website created or an application to be made but not sure how to go about doing it? Drop me a line and we can work something out to get your idea made real.  I will work hard to make what dream you have into a reality and can support from the creation to the hosting and management of what you need created.  Will work under NDA and other agreements if requested.

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