New Toy Pt. 1

Well it has been a while sense I posted the main reason I have been away is I got a new toy, the new toy is an Arduino.  What is an Arduino you might ask?  Well a Arduino is a small micro-controller that can be used to control things from little lights to robots.

New Toy

Everything that comes with the Arduino R3 Kit.

As you can see there was a lot of stuff that came with it I will do my best to remember the names of everything.  Starting from the top Left it is listed below.

  1. Arduino Uno R3
  2. Rubber Feet
  3. Battery Power Pack
  4. Prototype Shield
  5. Breadboard
  6. Resistors
  7. Female and Male Pin-outs
  8. LED Green and Red
  9. AC Adapter
  10. Bundle of 20 Gage Jumper Wires
  11. Bag of LED’s, Resistors, Buttons, Potentiometer
  12. USB Cable

Here is the Close up of the Prototype Shield

The Prototyping Shield

Here are all the parts for the Prototype Shield that I had to solder together.

So now it is time that I have to build the prototype shield board this required me to solder everything together but first I needed to put the parts into the board and placed correctly into the board.  Here is a picture of everything placed where it needs to go and getting ready to solder it all together.

Shields Up

This is after I put in all the parts for the prototype shield and make sure they are all snug in it and fit correctly.

I will have the final project completed later today and will get pictures of it up and maybe even video of the test with the project working.  First test is to make sure the LED’s will light up when power is applied to the board.

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