New Toy Pt. 2 and Other Toys

Well here is the 2nd posting that has the rest of what I showed in Part 1.  I have finally fixed the Prototype Shield and will be showing that along with how it fits on top of the Arduino.  Also I will be showing the other tools that I got in order to fix this and make this Shield.  And then in a later one I will be posting the video and such for the blinking LED.

Here is the picture of the completed Protoshield is done with all the soldering and working.


This is what it looks like completed with all the Soldering done.

This is the back of the board look at the solder job its done very well I do think so.

This is the backside of the Protoshield

And here is the Shield on the back of the Arduino this is awesome! the board works very well and does good at helping me prototype on it.

This is the Arduino Protoshield on the back of the Arduino

Now I am going to show you the hardware I got to help me complete this build.

This is the Weller Soldering Station, Flux, Helping Hands, and Copper Soldering Cleaner.

So all this was what I needed to be able to complete the soldering of the Arduino’s Shield and fix some the solder points on the Arduino it self.  Next time I will be posting up about the first application I put on the Arduino.  It will involve making a LED blink then cause 2 or 3 more LED’s blink or fade in or out while the first one is blinking.

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