New Code on GitHub

Well as you can see from the side panel I have my GitHub Repository attached to my site here. Anyone can check out all the code that I place for anything I do there on that site and use it as they wish but must ad-hear to all the rules of the copyright and Terms depending on what they are using. Right now all I have on it is some code for the computers within MineCraft expansion Computer Craft, a older PHP Project I took over after it’s creator and developer left it and the game it was designed for. The Last Repository that is on the site is my old Demo work and things I did to learn how to program Objective-C. I will have more code to put up at a later date when I look through all my old code I have for Visual Basic and other applications. I will be placing another one up shortly today for My Arduino Programming.

If you have any questions or would like help with something please just contact me.

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