New Desk Phase 1

Well I first want to say I have a computer desk that is about 7 years old but it is no longer working for me so I am going to be building my own desk.  I am going to make a very nice Wooden desk that will hold up 3 28 inch Monitors along with not needing to have a computer case any more.  The first phase of my computer Desk is just in the planning Phase of the build.  First draft of the desk I was making looks little overkill but I am still working on it and trying to get things managed properly.

Idea of the Desk

Idea of the Desk

As you see in the picture there is a very early idea I had for my desk without talking to anyone about it just me and Google SketchUp.  My end goal for this desk is to be able to hold up 3 Monitors along with having my computer in the tray in middle of the desk along with being able to hold my Game Console in the room.  I will be putting power and network jacks into the Desk to help limit the amount of power outlets that I have to have around my computer.  Sure your limited to the amount you really can hook up onto one jack but if I can limit the amount of power strips on the ground and have a cleaner look than it is worth it.

The other 2 SketchUp’s I have are other angles of the desk and you can see more of what I was going for with the desk design.  Ignore the monitors they are just something I added to look if it would be something I was interested in and are not the actual size.  The side monitors in that come out to like a 32 and 31 inch monitor which are not going to be on the final product.  Also the box in the middle is a little bit bigger than I was thinking and not sure if I am going to keep it or not.

Desk 1-3 Phase 1 Desk 1-2 Phase 1

I will keep posting as things progress with this build so please come back often to see if any progress has been made on the desk.

More to come in Phase 1 – Update 1

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